Visa Processes Around Lockdown

We have received official information on how the Department of Home Affairs will handle the 21-day lockdown announced by the President on Monday night, which is in the interest of crowd management and of minimizing the risk of spreading Covid-19:

• Wednesday 25th March 2020 will be the last day of applications; temporary visa applications only and no critical skills, general work and business visa related applications.
• Thursday 26th March 2020 will be the last day for collections of outcomes.
• Only applications with appointments for Wednesday 25th March will be accommodated, even if visas expire on that day or during the lockdown. Exceptions may be made for appeals.
• Applications can be made once VFS offices have reopened, and applicants whose visas have expired during that time will not be penalised or have to undergo a legalisation process.
• The date of reopening will still be announced.

We thank you for your understanding. If you do have time at home currently, IMCOSA will gladly assist you electronically with preparing your applications during the lockdown, so that your application may be submitted as soon as possible after the end of the lockdown. It is advisable to use available time constructively in this regard over the next weeks in order for your application to be considered as soon as possible after the VFS and Home Affairs offices return to usual business.

Best wishes for now, as per usual we'll update you on developments as they happen!

Julia Willand & Team