Was this the year of the seismic shift? Of the monumental wake-up call? Of disruption?

All the commentary on Trump and the desperate attempts to predict what may happen with him at the reigns almost distract from the colossal shifts within our own borders. Student protests are set to continue, Zuma’s power is shrinking by the day, and the ANC is re-constellating itself. Clandestine investigations, charged Ministers, captured states, disappointing Public Protector replacements, parliamentary puppet shows, precarious social cohesion. For some obscure reason, however, I am more positive about South Africa’s immediate future than I was a year ago.

A major breakthrough in the relations between Home Affairs and Immigration Practitioners was achieved when the industry body FIPSA’s AGM in October was attended by the Department’s Director-General Mkuseli Apleni, and the Acting Chief Director: Immigration Ronney Marhule. Their presence and address to members at the AGM presented an opening to further cooperation and constructive partnership, which will benefit our clients in the long run. The environment is rigorous, but largely predictable - even if positive results at times require more than one attempt or strategy.

Be safe and sane through these last weeks of 2016, and claim your well-deserved break – we will. As always, let us know if we can help with advice on compliance, up-to-date information and practical solutions for your expat staffing and visa needs.


Julia Willand