Unfortunately, ongoing concerning stories can be told regarding service standards and quality of advice and output on the part of Home Affairs. The number of unjustified rejections continues to be a reason for serious concern. The reasons for rejection remain overly harsh, often illogical and rarely based in law.

This situation makes the visa and permit process comparatively unpredictable. Combined with appeals taking 6-8 months and more to be finalized, the impact on foreigners, their businesses and employers is immense, and you can be sure that we continue to fight this battle on all fronts in the name of our clients and the broader foreign community wishing to immigrate to South Africa.

Similarly, visas and permits which are being issued often contain errors which take months to be corrected. VFS counter staff and Embassy or Consulate officials regularly provide incorrect advice, and missions apply vastly different interpretations of the same laws. We highly recommend taking professional advice and being guided through the process. Although immigration experts can unfortunately not prevent all errors from happening, they can minimize the risks, give you appropriate warning, and guide you in terms of your rights and prospects for success.