Home affairs clarifies visa rules for children

In principle the new rules mean minors must have unabridged birth certificates to travel in and out of SA.

However, the Home Affairs Ministry says no child will be prevented from travelling from South Africa if they are still waiting for unabridged birth certificates to be issued.

The ministry's director general Mkuseli Apleni has briefed Parliament's committees on home affairs, tourism and social development on new visa rules that come into effect on Monday.

From that date, minors entering or leaving South Africa will have to have unabridged birth certificates.

But Apleni said parents still waiting for the documents to be issued will receive a letter from home affairs allowing their children to travel.

“The head of the office will be able to issue a letter which confirms the mother and the father of the child. They will then be able to go to the airport and travel.”

(Edited by Gadeeja Abbas, Eyewitness News)

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