South Africa had a surge in foreign visitors in November 2010, and in total more than 10 million visitors visited the country in 2010. Over a million foreign travellers arrived in South Africa in November 2010, Statistics SA (StatsSA) said on Monday.

"... Foreign arrivals increased by 16.1 percent from 864,808 in November 2009 to 1,003,953 in November 2010," the agency said in releasing tourism and migration figures for November 2010.

There was also an increase in the movements of South African residents, with a 22.8 percent increase in arrivals in November 2010 compared to November 2009.

The foreign visitors consisted of 309,287 same-day visitors and 679,904 overnight visitors (tourists), according to figures from the department of home affairs.

StatsSA said 197,930 were from overseas and 464,444 were from Southern African Development Community countries.

Some 14,883 were from "other" African countries and 2647 were unspecified.

Overall, 2,686,363 travellers (arrivals and departures) passed through South African ports of entry in November 2010.

The most common mode of travel in November 2010 was road transport, used by 72 percent of travellers. Just under 28 percent used air transport.

Twenty-five percent of foreign travellers arrived by air and 75 percent by road.

An overwhelming majority, 290,603 or 94 percent of same day visitors, arrived in the country by road.

Sourced by SA - The Good News via Sapa