The VFS offices nationwide close over the festive period for submission on Thursday, 21st of December 2017 until Tuesday, 2nd of January 2018.

No application can be made within the closing period, so please plan accordingly and get in touch with our team if you need clarity on any applicable deadlines. Collections can be made during the mornings throughout the holiday season, apart from public holidays and the 2nd of January 2018.

Due to the long closure, there is a serious scramble for submission appointments at the various VFS offices. Applicants are forced to use the Premium Lounge at an additional fee of R 500 per person. This is questionable from a legal point of view as VFS is tasked with delivering a public service and should therefore be open throughout the year in line with all other government departments.

Urgent matters like appeals or applications where the current status is about to expire, are still being accommodated outside the Premium Lounge.