South Africa will be the first country in the history of the FIFA World Cup to offer an Event Visa to nationals traveling from specific non visa exempt African countries participating in the competition. The event visa will be offered to spectators with proof of purchase of FIFA match ticket. These visas are issued to qualifying travellers at no cost. Accredited FIFA delegates will travel visa free if they come from non-visa exempt countries.

Required Documents

1. A valid travel document
2. Proof of valid return air ticket
3. Match ticket booking voucher
4. 2 Identity photographs in colour

How can it be used

This visa can only be used for the purpose of the FIFA World Cup™ event. This visa may not be used for work or other purposes other than that for which it has been designed.

Validity Period

It is valid for a maximum of 90 days. It must not expire after the expiry date of the traveller passport / travel document.

When to apply

Travellers will apply for the Event Visa during the period leading towards the FIFA World Cup event. They need to allow adequate time for visa application processing which takes 5 days.

How to apply

1. The traveller is required to physically go to the Foreign Mission Office to apply for the Event Visa
2. Complete an application form (B1-84) at the SA Foreign Mission.
3. Application is assessed by Foreign Office Official
4. It is accepted if all requirements are met, otherwise it is rejected
5. The applicant is validated against a control list. This is to ensure that Event Visas are not granted to undesirable travellers.
6. The FIFA Match Ticket Application Number is validated against the FIFA match ticket list. This is to confirm that the traveller has been allocated a match ticket.
7. The traveller's financial status is checked to confirm that he / she has adequate funds to stay and spend in South Africa.
8. The Visa gets approved once all the conditions are satisfied

How much it costs

There is no cost for the traveller to apply for the Event Visa

Ticket Holder Pre-Arrival Preparations

A Ticket Voucher Holder wishing to travel to SA for the FIFA World Cup event must allow adequate time to acquire the following documents before leaving the country of his/her origin;

1. A valid travel document with expiry date 30 or more days after the intended date of departure from South Africa
2. Proof of financial status for a sustainable stay in South Africa
3. Valid proof of vaccination for those travellers coming from countries that are required to vaccinate
4. Valid return air ticket

Arriving In South Africa

All valid Visa Exempt FIFA ticket holding spectators arriving at South African Ports of Entry (mainly the airports) will go through the following;

Dedicated Express Lanes at SA Airport

The FIFA Ticket Voucher Holders qualify to utilise dedicated express lanes specially established at Ports of Entry Immigration Services. There will be proper signage from when the traveller disembarks the aircraft to Port of Entry Immigration desks to direct these travellers to specific dedicated lanes for immigration.
These lanes will be operated by the Volunteers who will welcome the travellers and usher them to the correct lanes leading to immigration booths.

Immigration Services at Port of Entry

The travellers will go through the normal screening processes by the immigration service's officers. To help speed up the process and avoid potential delays, the travellers must produce the required documents ready to be handed over to an immigration official for inspection and clearing. Travellers will be expected to go through the following process at the Port of Entry;

1. Travellers will present themselves before an Immigration Official on Arrival at the Port of Entry Immigration.
2. Immigration official will check validity and Authentication of the travel document.
3. Immigration Official will check the proof of Financial status
4. Immigration Official will check the proof of return ticket
5. Immigration Official will capture traveller data into the Immigration System.
6. The Immigration System will verify the traveller in front of the Immigration Official
7. Immigration Official will issue a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) to a Ticket Voucher Holder / traveller.
8. Immigration Official gives back all the documents to the traveller.
9. The Ticket Voucher Holder / traveller is then cleared to enter the RSA

Temporary Residence Permit Conditions

Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) conditions depend on the origin of the traveller. It allows for a maximum stay of 90 days in the country. The Expiry date of the TRP must not be before the expiry date of the travel document.

Contact IMCOSA regarding any further information you may require.