When relocating to South Africa permanently or for a limited period of time, many pet owners wish to bring their cats, dogs or birds along. Whilst this is generally possible, the relevant permits need to be obtained prior to entry. Since the first of July 2005 cats, dogs, reptiles and primates imported into South Africa need to have been implanted with a microchip for identification.

After receipt of the relevant import permit and prior to travelling, an authorised government veterinarian needs to complete a health certificate, confirming that the animal is healthy and that necessary vaccinations have been given. The veterinarian certifies the vaccination pass.

IMCOSA offers the following service in this context:

  • Timeous obtaining of Import Permit
  • Mailing of permit as well as health certificate form to client for completion by government vet
  • Advice on any further documentation that may be required in individual cases
  • Research into necessity of quarantine and, if applicable, advice and assistance around necessary measures to be taken in this regard.

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