South African Visa Extension

Stay of up to 3 Months

Citizens of visa-exempt countries (e.g. UK, USA, Australia and most European countries) who wish to stay in South Africa for short periods of time without following an activity that requires authorisation, can obtain a South African visitor’s visa fairly easily. They will be issued with this visa (valid for between 30 and 90 days, depending on the visa exemption for their country of citizenship) upon entry to South Africa and presentation of a return flight ticket to their home country. Citizens of non-visa exempt countries need to apply for the appropriate port-of-entry visa through the South African mission in their country of citizenship or residence.

ONE extension by a maximum of 3 months may be granted from within South Africa on application. NB: An extension application must be made to the authorities at least 60 days prior to expiry of the current visa (different rules apply to visas issued for shorter than 90 days). IMCOSA will gladly advise you in this regard and guide you through the relevant application.

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Stay for a Period of up to 36 Months

Extended visitor’s visas (valid for up to 3 years) are granted only in narrowly defined cases, e.g. accompanying a family member who holds a long-term visa, voluntary or charitable activities (see Work), research or academic sabbatical (see Studies/Education/Research), or one of a list of newly introduced activities such as teaching at international schools, work in the film industry, seconded journalists, visiting professors or lecturers, artists, entertainers and tour leaders (see Work). A mere long-term stay without any specific purpose other than leisure or holiday outside of the above categories is not provided for through the visitor’s visa. A retired person’s visa may be considered in these cases.

Temporary and Permanent Residence – Visit, Holiday

This category only caters for temporary visas and, by its nature, there is no permanent residence category for visits and holidays.