Die Gültigkeit abgelaufener Visa wurde bis Ende Oktober verlängert. Visainhaber, die sich derzeit im Ausland aufhalten, können einen Antrag auf Rückkehr nach Südafrika beim zuständigen Minister stellen, wir helfen in dieser Hinsicht gerne weiter.

Visa validity extended to 31 October

The Minister of Home Affairs has announced that visas of foreigners within South Africa which have expired since March, or are about to expire, will be deemed to be valid until 31 October (extended from the previous date of 31 July). The relevant Regulations in this regard are expected to be published within the coming days. This means that no-one will be penalized for being in, or leaving South Africa without a valid visa until the end of October (unless such visa expired before March).

New process for returning temporary residents

According to Regulations issued on 3 July 2020, temporary visa holders stranded outside South Africa and wishing to return before the opening of the country’s borders can apply to the Minister for permission to do so. Please contact IMCOSA for assistance with this application.