Das neue Gesetz betreffend Gesellschaftsgründungen in Südafrika wird voraussichtlich in der 2. Jahreshälfte des Jahres 2010 Anwendung finden. Melden Sie sich bei uns, falls Sie hierzu beraten werden möchten.

A new Companies Act (No. 71 of 2008) was signed into law in April 2009. The Act is expected to come into operation during the second half of 2010. The new Companies Act will change the way companies are incorporated and regulated. The new Companies Act distinguishes between: 1) non-profit companies, 2) for-profit companies, 3) state-owned companies and 4) external companies. For-profit companies are divided into a) Public companies (Ltd) and b) Private companies with limited liability (Pty) Ltd and c) Personal liability companies (Inc/Incorporated). The legislative changes will see the close corporation (cc) fall away and it will not be possible to register close corporations or convert other companies to close corporations anymore.

The aims of the changes are simplification, increased flexibility, corporate efficiency, transparency and predictability. Whether this is achieved remains to be seen, especially since certain elements of the new laws are controversial and have been widely criticized.